Texas Bill Would Put Transponders In Every Car

from the you-have-no-privacy-anywhere dept

Bob Dole writes “The vice-chairman of the Texas House Transportation Committee has figured out how to do away with those nasty camera tickets. He has introduced a bill to require all state inspection stickers to store and transmit information about you and your vehicle to roadside machines. If the information in a newly created database of every auto insurance policy in the state says your policy is expired, you’ll be mailed a $250 ticket. If that ticket gets lost in the mail, don’t worry because you won’t get another one — your license and registration are automatically suspended for six months.” Seems like a similar plan to ones in California and Oregon to require a GPS device in every car that would report on where you drove so the state could more accurately tax you for driving. Clearly, the idea that you might have some right to privacy concerning where you go doesn’t seem to register much with certain state government officials.

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Comments on “Texas Bill Would Put Transponders In Every Car”

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Anonymous of Course says:

Re: Re: Amber Alert

The expectation of privacy in a person’s personal matters is as old as the constitution. Maybe we should ban postal envelopes, forcing everyone to correspond via post cards for the convenience of the government? After all, honest people have nothing to hide. No, the question is how far shall the bureaucrats be allowed to abridge our right to privacy. The more that’s known the easier it is to control- and it’s all about control.

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