Politicians Consider Mandating Single Music Format Standard

from the how-to-kill-the-music-industry dept

Politicians really like to meddle where no meddling is needed, don’t they? The latest, is that some politicians are responding to complaints by users concerning all the different digital music file formats by thinking about legally mandating music file compatibility. While the industry has been particularly shortsighted in not setting up compatibility on their own (the more compatible, the more people can use your system, the more value the songs have, the more value your system has — seems easy enough), the idea that the government should step in and force compatibility seems like a dreadful idea that would simply stop all innovation when it came to music file formats. Forcing every music file format to meet some politically motivated standard will make it difficult for newer or better file formats to be created. There’s simply no reason the government needs to be involved here.

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Comments on “Politicians Consider Mandating Single Music Format Standard”

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A-(Tr)holle says:

No Subject Given

Oh great, so now we have to implement another audio file format into every single piece of audio-playback/sampling/editing/sequencing software and hardware as to satisfy a couple of short sighted politicos. Damn, times like this make me wish I was a libertarian. Then I remember that most libertarians are anti-government retards, and then I go back to being a progressive.

LBB says:

Prime time to dismantle the DMCA

If they’re so worried about lack of interoperability, why not remove existing legal barriers to it — primarily the anti-circumvention clauses of the DMCA — instead of putting this band-aid bug-fix legislation in effect? Remove the threat of people getting sued for reverse-engineering formats and the market will sort the rest out.

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