Shocker: Study Shows No One Keeps Your Data Secure

from the we-needed-a-study-to-show-that? dept

In what was either a well-timed release, or a hastily put together study, one research group has released a study saying that most companies don’t do a very good job protecting your private info. Given the number of stories coming out over the past couple of months about companies leaking your data, this seems like a “well, duh” sort of study. Financial service firms, retailers and insurance firms were apparently “the worst” at keeping your data private — which might make you wonder who’s left who’s actually good at protecting your data? According to the article, it turns out that it’s airlines and travel companies who tend to be better at keeping your data private — but apparently that all goes out the window when the government comes calling. Basically, if you hadn’t realized it by now, you should know that your data is out there, and you pretty much have no control over it at all. Realizing that, it makes the entire idea of being able to watch back make a lot more sense.

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