MCI Picks Verizon Again

from the maybe-demanding-an-answer-wasn't-the-best-idea dept

Qwest has been continually wooing MCI over the past few weeks, and yesterday made an offer in which they demanded an answer from MCI by next Tuesday. Apparently, MCI didn’t need that much time (or, really, any time at all), as they almost immediately accepted Verizon’s latest (slightly larger) offer and shunned Qwest’s offer. It appears MCI stills sees much more synergy in working with a strong Verizon than a weak Qwest.

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Comments on “MCI Picks Verizon Again”

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1 Comment
kael says:

No Subject Given

Maybe the real reason is that MCI realizes that Qwest….well, sucks.
I’m in an area mainly served by Qwest copper, they are the prime horror story for folks getting DSL, phone service and other related telcomm services. MCI has a major presence 20 minutes North, I imagine they have a pretty good idea of how Qwest operates and are acting accordingly.

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