Clear Channel Hopping On The Podcasting Bandwagon

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In the midst of lackluster growth as a result of declining revenue from its radio ads, Clear Channel announces that it is revamping its online strategy. While this story does reek of a “hey, we’re still going to work everyday” release, there are a number of interesting bits. Not only will Clear Channel be offering free live web concerts, but they also will be dabbling in podcasting. While Clear Channel’s five-minute ad-supported podcasts are a good gesture, they don’t really seem to get the whole point of podcasting. Podcasts allow users to listen to what they want to hear when they want to hear it. After listening to a Clear Channel podcast, if you want to hear more, then what? Too bad for you, because most likely the show already aired and there’s no way to listen to the rest of the show. This doesn’t sound so much like podcasting as it does a way for Clear Channel execs to think they’re on top of these new cool things when they’re actually making themselves look silly.

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