20th Century Fox Advertising On Grokster While Suing It

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In yet another case where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing, it appears that 20th Century Fox, while being involved in the Supreme Court case against Grokster, is also advertising new movies via Grokster adware. It certainly suggests there are some at the company that think Grokster represents a legitimate way to reach consumers — something the industry keeps insisting is impossible.

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Comments on “20th Century Fox Advertising On Grokster While Suing It”

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dorpus says:

Since Mike is anti-entertainment industry today...

In anti-Disney news today, a group of schoolkids were riding the tour bus on the highway back from a trip to Disneyland, when a 12-year-old girl fell out of the window, and was repeatedly run over by cars behind the bus. The bus driver reported that “a girl disappeared”, and highway police found her body later. None of the cars reported the accident, and police are treating it as a hit-and-run.

An image of the bus where the girl fell out is

Article is

Speculation is running wild on what caused the girl to fall out in the first place. Horseplay? Bullying? Someone open the emergency door? Can drivers be charged for hitting people who suddenly come falling from the sky?

dorpus says:

Re: Since Mike is anti-entertainment industry toda

Police have endorsed the vomit theory now — you can see a video clip of the window with vomit marks on


Looks like she puked against the inside of the window first and wiped it. Witnesses say she was still alive after falling on the pavement and got up, but was repeatedly run over, crushing her head and limbs.


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