The ViewSonic Laptop… From The Future

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This is the type of piece that we normally save for slow Fridays, but it’s a slow Thursday, so here you go. It appears that the folks at Amazon listed a ViewSonic laptop (they make laptops?) where they put a few extra zeros in the data, such that it was pumping out some serious power. The processor ran at 10 GHz and the hard-drive could store a cool 30,000 GB. This is when some folks with more than a little extra free time decided to write some amusing reviews of this laptop from the future. The more you read, the more amusing they get. Amazon has fixed the typos (amusingly, the Techweb article has a typo of its own, saying that the real hard drive is only “30 MB” suggesting it’s not so hard to make an error in the other direction as well) but the reviews keep coming: “Mine just arrived yesterday, and man is it fast. I loaded Folding At Home (FAH), and it instantly found a cure for cancer and parkinsons. It was also able to run a brute force discovery of every prime number; It reached infinity in under 32 seconds!!! It turns out that there are only 32,994,234,116,781,042 prime numbers!!! Not bad huh?”

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