Flickr Becomes Flickr!

from the ok-saw-that-one-coming dept

Much like with the Bloglines acquisition a month ago, rumors surrounding a Flickr acquisition have been flying around for the past few weeks. Flickr playfully acknowledged these loose lips by announcing that “Yahoo actually does acquire Flickr“. It is increasingly popular for search companies to purchase “hot” non-search startups (Looksmart-Furl, AskJeeves-Bloglines). And Google, the supposed search leader, continues to add a plethora of well-designed, non-search applications like Maps and Gmail. Is anyone else feeling strong pangs of deja vu? With startups being acquired for millions and VCs giving away money again — maybe 2005 is the next 1999. The Aeron chair dealers are already salivating…

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Comments on “Flickr Becomes Flickr!”

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Kyril (user link) says:

Flickr and photo services

Have to vent – can’t figure out the reason why all these photo album services are sorely lacking in one area – the actual “sharing” of pics. Sure, they all say they have it, but it’s rudimentary, as in the case of Flickr, which is by far the best. Others are just plain bad, as in Picasa Hello. Am I alone in that? Am I missing something?
So I went ahead and created my own. And I strongly believe it’s a better way of “photo sharing”. Opened it to the public (called Depicto, if anyone is interested).
An another strong conviction of mine – why do we have to surrender our private info in exchange for basic services on the web, like photo storage or webmail or whatever? Flickr has been good about people’s info, but what’s going to happen to my data once yahoo gets their paws on it? (for this reason, I insisted that depicto doesn’t require accounts; so far my company went along with this…)
Am I wrong? Does my gmail have to be searched and indexed and adsensed in order to remain free? If my tiny company finances our little free image sharing toy through it’s main business, surely yahoo and google can afford it.

Pit @ PixVillage (user link) says:

Yahoo - Flickr deal

The Yahoo – Flickr deal (and see the Hello/Picasa – Google one or HP – Snapfish) shows that online photo sharing is one of this future killer app for internet users.

But the next big concern for photo sharing services might be the related infrastructure costs (mainly bandwith, storage and servers) while they are expanding.

We, the PixVillage Team, provide an answer using P2P technologies as a way to share photos privately. First it is a legal use for P2P technologies, then it offers fast, fully scalable, free and unlimited online photo sharing to its users. And we do not support any infrastructure costs. As of today, around 1 000 000 photos have been shared by our users.

Have a look at and tell me what you think…


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