Banks All Phished Out?

from the time-to-move-on dept

Apparently, phishers are discovering that they can’t get the same bang for the spam when sending out phishing emails pretending to come from various banks, so they’re looking to move on to various online retail establishments. Of course, eBay phishing has been around for a while, but it looks like the phishers are expanding their focus to get into various other accounts as well. Either people have learned not to trust these emails from banks, or phishers are just getting even more greedy. It seems like the latter would be a better bet.

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Comments on “Banks All Phished Out?”

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1 Comment
nemo says:

Banks All Phished Out?

Phishers do seem to have depleted the waters for bigger and better known institutions.

I’ve gotten my share of CitiBank, EBay, and Washington Mutual phish spams. But this week I got one “from” North Fork Bank.

I never heard of North Fork Bank, and have no clue why a phisher would think it useful, but obviously somebody did.

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