Suing A Gaming Website For Having The Same Name As A Game Character

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This one gets more amusing the further you read, but Boing Boing points to the story of a guy, Robert MacNichol, who is threatening to sue a gaming news website because they have a page describing a game that just happens to have a character named (yup) Robert MacNichol. Mr. MacNichol is apparently upset that, when Googled, this page comes out at the top of the list, leading some people to believe he’s a crazy video game character from a bad video game set before the Civil War, rather than someone living today, who apparently thinks you can sue random websites over Google results. The conversation with the gaming site gets more amusing as it goes on, leading to the gaming site pointing to a number of other Robert MacNichols online, and Mr. MacNichol eventually claiming that he would be “breaking new ground” once he successfully sues the gaming site. As proof that he’s likely to win, he points to the way-too-often-cited-and-usually-for-the-wrong-reasons case of the McDonald’s spilled coffee lawsuit (please, please, we’ve heard the arguments before — do NOT post comments about this lawsuit and how it was valid and blah blah blah… that’s not the point here). Of course, perhaps Mr. MacNichol is smarter than some are giving him credit for. In getting this story out there, and getting it on various blogs, it’s quite likely that future Google searches on his name will push down the gaming results… and increase the results that suggest he’s a bit trigger happy on questionable lawsuits.

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Comments on “Suing A Gaming Website For Having The Same Name As A Game Character”

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Robert MacNIchol says:


You have it somewhat correct. But I never threatend to sue anyone. I asked if there was someother way to get my name off a “whack” site. Yeah, I’m a witch… and don’t want anyone to know it? The Blair Witch at that? hahahaha… anyway, my fame grows….and you have fodder for your “thing” on the WWW. Good luck. You’ll need it when I’m done with my spell-on-you! sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Bill Veld... says:

Rob MacNichol

I know Rob. He’s straight as an arrow–but I’m gay.
If I could get at him–sexually–I’d do it in a heart
beat. My buddies Arnie and Ed Ramon are homos
with a cause and together we’re imagining how we
might get Bill Payne (queer all the way) to somehow
trick him into a threesom..or foursome. Homos
forever! We’re queer and in yiur face Rob

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