Vonage Glitch Knocks Out Service

from the ah,-that-glitch-again dept

Just as we were saying that tech companies are too dismissive of problems by blaming all failures on a “glitch” along comes the news that about half of Vonage’s customers lost service last week thanks to (you guessed it!) a “glitch”. VoIP outages are unfortunately all to common these days, and that has some worried that VoIP is being oversold and is going to face a pretty serious backlash soon. That might not be true. So far, most of the stories about VoIP do make it pretty clear that you’re sacrificing reliability. The VoIP providers themselves may want to be a bit more explicit about it — but it seems like a lot of people signing up are pretty clear on the tradeoffs they’re making to get VoIP.

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Comments on “Vonage Glitch Knocks Out Service”

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Ron says:

should we be more dependant on the internet

This brings up the question: should everything on the planet be dependant on the internet?

It seems fine as long as things are working well, but it seems like everyone wants their eggs in this same basket, so when it does fail (yes, the web is known to have problems occasionally)…..everyone screeches to a halt.

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