BPI Thinks 23 File Sharing Settlements Help Turn The Tide

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Is the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) completely delusional? After announcing that they’d convinced 23 music lovers to pay up for unauthorized sharing of music, they’re claiming “the tide is turning” against file sharing. Their evidence? Some report saying that fewer people are using Kazaa. Just Kazaa. The same Kazaa that even the employees who work on the program refuse to install because it’s so chock full of adware. The same Kazaa that is generally considered a has-been and mostly useless by the file sharing community. In other words, people are bailing out on Kazaa for a ton of reasons — almost none of which have to do with BPI squeezing money out of people who wanted to listen to music they liked and committed the horrible sin of helping others listen to that same music.

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Comments on “BPI Thinks 23 File Sharing Settlements Help Turn The Tide”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Gotta love marketing-speak

Reminds me of a classic Dilbert strip in which he was discussing with the PHB that the presentation he was about to give the shareholders showed that their product was killing people.

The PHB said he needed to turn it around and put a positive spin on it.

During the presentation Dilbert announces that (instead of killing people) there is a significant drop in disatisfied customers…

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