Scolding As Copy Protection

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There are a few different ways to try to create copy protection. One is to stop the copying before it happens, and another is to recognize that a file is being copied and then modify it in some way. Some inventors have come up with a method to deter unauthorized copying, by hiding a stern lecture from a record label boss in the music itself. They claim that their system will recognize when a song is copied in an unauthorized manner, and it will subtly shift the bits to make the song no longer audible, but the lecture will play instead. Of course, previous attempts to do similar things (having the file change when copied) caused compatibility problems while still being easily broken. Besides, it’s also likely to just piss off the person and make them continue their hunt for non-scolding files. Already the industry has tried “polluting” file sharing networks with similar lectures from musicians, and they fade out, as people delete them — so they’re not as widely seeded as the actual tracks.

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Comments on “Scolding As Copy Protection”

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RIAA Sucks says:

It won't work....ever

To quote from the article:
” Their patented idea is to incorporate a software decoder in file-sharing applications … The decoder would detect the telltale phase shifts and convert them into the warning message”

That is the most retarded thing I ever heard. How are they going to icorporate their “decoder” into Edonkey? Who would use it?

I have a “patented” idea. I am going to incorporate a copyright infringement detection mechanism. It will detect copyright infringement and then delete the music files. It is all done automatically. All you have to do is download and install my program, then click YES when it asks if it can delete your files.


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