Nokia Says Fuel Cells Not Ready For Prime Time Just Yet

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Just months after jumping on the fuel cell bandwagon and claiming the technology was “reasonably mature,” it looks like Nokia has seen some more signs of adolescence in the technology. They’re holding off on plans to develop fuel cell phones, and don’t believe such phones will be available for a few years. Fuel cell still seem quite overhyped. While they will provide much longer battery life, people may not like them for a very simple reason: it takes them back to buying new “fuel” for their devices all the time. Notice how almost all gadgets these days now use rechargeable batteries? People don’t like having to constantly buy new batteries and replace the old ones. However, they don’t seem to have as much of a problem recharging batteries. With fuel cells, the cells will come in containers that the average person will simply assume are batteries — and you’re back to having to replace batteries instead of recharge them.

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Comments on “Nokia Says Fuel Cells Not Ready For Prime Time Just Yet”

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shooter mcgavin says:


it was my understanding that fuel cells only need to have the methanol replaced. you recharge/refill using a small container similar to a bic lighter and filled with very dilute methanol. pop the cap, pour a couple drops into the fuel cell and you’re set for a few more hours. the little container could presumably be refilled from a jug you buy wholesale at costco which would last your family a few months.

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