Rambus Destroyed Documents, Patent Case Tossed

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Rambus’ reputation keeps sinking lower and lower. Remember, this is the company that sat on a standard board for a while, pushing certain technologies to be included in the standard while simultaneously quietly filing for patents on the same technology, and then using those patents to threaten to sue just about everyone. In the latest patent infringement case from Rambus (against Infineon) the judge has decided to throw out the case, when it came out that Rambus had destroyed various documents in preparation for the case. Whatever happened to just competing in the market? Guess that’s just too complicated.

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Comments on “Rambus Destroyed Documents, Patent Case Tossed”

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1 Comment
Robert Logan (user link) says:

RMBS v. IFX (VA.02)

Remember that Judge Payne was soundly reversed in VA.01. An appeal by RMBS can be expected this round as well. This same Judge Payne found only three instances of infringement by IFX whereas Judge Whyte in CA found that Hynix’s memory infringed nearly 30 ways on RMBS IP. IFX’s chickens haven’t hatched. And with regard to bad behavior – IFX recently agreed to pay something like $160,000,000 to the US gov’t for its bad behavior. IFX is admittedly “the pot” – Judge’s Payne’s belief that RMBS is “the kettle” will be determined by a higher court.

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