Lycos Drops Yahoo For AskJeeves Search Technology

from the didn't-see-that-coming dept

Looks like AskJeeves is really moving up in the world. For a couple of years now, ever since the whole “search space” got hot again, Ask is constantly reminding people that they still exist. They’ve been on a bit of buying spree lately from desktop search to the Bloglines buy. However, they still don’t get much respect as a player in the space. Still, it sounds like they’re moving up in the world a bit. Today, Lycos announced that they’re ditching Yahoo’s search for AskJeeves’. Lycos, of course, has the reputation of something of an also-ran in search as well — but is still quite popular in some parts of the world. While it may not be a huge revenue loss for Yahoo, it does show some cracks in their search engine licensing business. Not a very nice birthday present for Yahoo, it seems.

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