The Etiquette Of Evite

from the is-it-really-that-bad? dept

While Evite has become fairly common in many areas as a way to organize just about any gathering of more than two people, it appears that not everyone is thrilled with the service (may require registration… didn’t for me, but the site usually does). The article includes a single anecdote about Evite screwing up a specific invitation, though, it doesn’t explain how it actually happened. In some ways, it sounds like it may have been human error, rather than a technical glitch. In fact, the story seems sort of odd. It claims many people didn’t receive the invite — which the person organizing the event should have noticed when many people didn’t reply. The rest of the article just discusses Evite with an etiquette columnist who seems a bit out of touch. She complains about various problems with Evite being complicated, even though all you have to do is click whether or not you’ll attend. This isn’t to say Evite is perfect, and it’s obviously not right for every occasion, but the complaints about it in this article seem sort of pointless.

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Comments on “The Etiquette Of Evite”

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dorpus says:

Reverse Blackmail?

Could these kind of services become a haven for scammers? Over in Thailand, a 19-year-old college student was arrested after she set up an affair with a man through a dating site, stole all his valuables and his car from the hotel, then claiming she is “underage”, demanding more blackmail money from him.

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