Microsoft Wants Patent For Inserting User IDs In Filename

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theodp writes “In its just-published patent application for late-binding/dynamic pathname resolution, Microsoft explains that this invention allows a filename containing a variable such as ‘@username’ to map to completely different files depending on which user is logged on. Microsoft explains to the USPTO that such a mechanism ‘has, until now, eluded those skilled in the art,’ and its absence has ‘plagued computer system users and designers for some time.’ “

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Comments on “Microsoft Wants Patent For Inserting User IDs In Filename”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Prior art?

OK, maybe I’m missing something here, but isn’t this something we’ve done for decades? Microsoft says:

“One problem with existing systems is that pathnames are essentially static. There is currently no mechanism for pathname components that are customizable or evaluated in the context of a user of the path. Once a pathname has been created, that same pathname will resolve to the same data regardless of which user is logged on, which machine the pathname resolution occurs on, or the like.”

Isn’t this accomplished with users have different /home directories in Unix? Or “chroot”?

Or how about the “user home directory” in Windows networking? Or using the environment variable %USERNAME% in the pathname? (After all, the Windows registry has many references to pathnames containing %SYSTEMROOT%, so it would work with %USERNAME% too.)

Again, maybe I’m missing something, but this hardly sounds like something that “until now, eluded those skilled in the art.”

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