Hilton Hacking Has Been Good For T-Mobile?

from the there-really-is-no-such-thing-as-bad-publicity dept

Perhaps there really is no such thing as bad publicity. While some have accused Paris Hilton of releasing the contents of her own T-Mobile Sidekick on purpose to stay in the public light, it would make sense that the ease with which her information got out (following a well-publicized hacking of the T-Mobile servers) would reflect poorly on the carrier. Apparently not. Last week we were surprised at the somewhat dismissive reaction T-Mobile had to the huge security hole in their voicemail system. However, it seems that T-Mobile is perfectly happy to have their systems hacked — especially when it’s a celebrity account that got hacked. Since the Paris Hilton incident sales have been booming for the Sidekick. Apparently, it’s now hip to be hacked. The article even suggests that T-Mobile make a commercial with Paris Hilton making fun of all of her personal information being spread all over the web.

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