ChoicePoint Leaked Your Data? Too Bad, Nothing You Can Do

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Adding a bit of insult to injury, as news continues to spread about how ChoicePoint handed all of your private data to a group of scammers, it turns out that the law says you pretty much have no recourse at all. Apparently, those impacted by ChoicePoint’s own inability to identify scammers using their data, have no legal standing against ChoicePoint because they’re not customers of ChoicePoint. So, ChoicePoint can collect whatever data they want about whoever they want, do anything they want with it, and those whose data is being misused have absolutely no recourse at all.

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Comments on “ChoicePoint Leaked Your Data? Too Bad, Nothing You Can Do”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

That’s just it. ChoicePoint didn’t leak the data. ChoicePoint sold it to them. Anyone can set up a company and buy the data they (CP) sell. (Apparently they do some cursory background checks, but obviously not very thorough.) That’s what ChoicePoint does, they sell the data. The data was sold, as it is hundreds of times a day. The only thing different in this case is that the buyers were businesses set up fraudulently by a ring of identity theives. The only crime (so far) is registering the business fraudulently, and whatever fraud the ID thieves have perpetrated on the unlucky, hapless individuals whose data they used.

Sure, they sold it to someone you’d rather not have it, but they do that anyway – telemarketers, direct mail, probably even spammers.

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