Cameras Used To Tow Cars For Overdue Library Books

from the watch-out dept

Bob Dole writes “If you thought allowing cameras to enforce traffic laws wasn’t a problem, you better check and see whether you have any overdue library books. Next month, Arlington, Virginia will use a camera system called BootFinder to scan parked cars to find any that belong to people listed in a database as owing the city any money — no matter how minor. The city has the option of towing your car and auctioning it if it’s not ransomed within 10 days. New Haven, Connecticut has already made $500,000 and towed hundreds of cars with this scheme. Mark my words, jaywalking cameras are next.” The system works by having a camera attached to a minivan that drives around the neighborhood and identifies license plates. Update: Reading through the details shows that one person who had his car towed via this system is already suing, claiming illegal search and seizure.

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Comments on “Cameras Used To Tow Cars For Overdue Library Books”

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dorpus says:

Eminent Domain

Governments can and do suddenly order homes destroyed to make way for roads. A few years ago, one town in Virginia was ordered to have all stores along main street destroyed to make way for a highway.

So now, if you have some obscure local tax you didn’t pay, government can show up with a bulldozer in your front yard.

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