Lose A Phone, Lose A Friend

from the backups?--we-don't-need-no-steeenkin'-backups dept

It’s tough to keep your contact info up to date. Many people (guilty here, too) end up using their mobile phone address book as their sole list of phone numbers. This can be problematic if you lose the phone. In fact, many people claim that they would become unable to contact friends if they lost their phone — and yet they still don’t back it up. Of course, backing it up may be a problem as well. As Paris Hilton is discovering, when your phone automatically backs itself up to a web server, you can end up losing friends in a different way.

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Comments on “Lose A Phone, Lose A Friend”

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Nicole Ritchie (user link) says:

Re: Paris #'s

Yesterday @ work we spent a GOOD hour calling people on her list. Even though we got quite a few disconnected messages we DID get to talk to Paris’s Mom, listen to her Dad’s answering machine, tell Vanilla Ice he is washed up … to which he replied: ” fuck you ” …

I love Paris in the morning …

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Get a better phone

I recently upgraded to a Treo 600 Communicator and I’m loving it.

It’s a Palm OS 5 PDA and phone combined into a single unit. The phonebook is a slightly modified version of the Palm Contacts application which syncs to my PC.

Sprint also offers a feature called VoiceCommand that lets me dial * and I can then say “Call John Smith at home” or “Call Jane Doe on the mobile phone” and it will automatically dial it for me. They offer free software (by FusionOne) to allow me to sync my Outlook contacts (which are already synced to my phone) to their website which can hold 500 names and numbers.

The beauty of it is that when I change phones again for any reason, as long as it’s still with Sprint I just dial * and all my phone numbers are still available to me.

Ask Bj?rn Hansen (user link) says:

OS X Address Book & iSync

I’ve never had an address book as organized before I started using the OS X address book and iSync to sync the phone, iPod and the various macs (via .mac)… It’s completely awesome. If only they made “regular” phones (or just VoIP phones) with SyncML. (Although with the Vonage Call2Click plugin for Address Book.app I don’t miss it quite so much).

– ask

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