More WiMax Hype Defalation

It’s reached the point now where we pretty much ignore the nearly weekly reports that the various analyst houses put out concerning WiMax. They’re mostly useless, especially if you know anything about what’s actually happening with the standard and the technology. However, Broadband Reports picks up on the amusing way that two different publications interpreted the very same WiMax predictions, with one claiming WiMax will have limited success and the other claiming it could “alter the telecom landscape”. Of course, the real answer is that both descriptions might be somewhat true. WiMax isn’t going to be as successful as some of the predictions that have been made over the past couple of years. It’s simply been overhyped, and there are way too many problems, both technological and political. However, it can be useful in some situations, and in those situations, it could certainly be a big deal to some companies.

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