Yahoo's Ongoing War Crimes Lawsuit

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We’ve covered the ongoing attempts by the French government to accuse Yahoo of war crimes for allowing Nazi memorabilia to be sold on their US site (though, not on the French Yahoo site). This is an important case because of what it may mean concerning how international laws apply to the internet. The Associated Press is running an article about a minor Yahoo victory in the case which includes a tidbit of news I hadn’t realized. Technically, Yahoo has been fined by the French government $13,000 per day since February of 2001 — meaning they currently owe $5 million. It appears, for the time being, they’re simply ignoring this.

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Comments on “Yahoo's Ongoing War Crimes Lawsuit”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Take the French government's attitude to fines

perhaps we should reduce our donins we make to the French Pansy goverment y the same amon they feel they have a right to fine us..

America is the peacekeepes of he world, hw rold bank & the only superpower capale of keepig rodents like Sadam removed from power.

Fuck the French

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