The E-Suckers List

from the sounds-like-fun dept

It’s probably not much of a surprise to anyone, but online scammers tend to keep lists of users who are easy to scam — and, of course, those lists get passed around (read: sold) among other scammers, so once you’ve been taken in by one, expect to be taken in by many more. Of course, the warning about this list comes from the Office of Fair Trade in the UK, and the announcement about it certainly implies that they actually have a copy of one such list (though, there’s no real evidence given). If that’s the case, why not contact those on the list, and let them know they’re on the list? Wouldn’t that be much more effective than making a general statement?

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Comments on “The E-Suckers List”

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data64 says:

Re: Mmmmmm

Maybe a little public humiliation would get people to smarten the heck up.

So what happens when the insurance companies start chanrging these people more
for being on the list and banks deny loans or whatever. How about when scammers (or someone else) starts putting out
fake lists with say politicians name on the list, especially just before an election. Would this lead to a protection
racket “Pay me $X or your name goes on to the sucker’s list”

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: Mmmmmm

Always gotta push it too far. I don’t really think Insurance companies will look anytime soon at who fell for a sucker’s play on the big bad net. Unless they start selling fraud insurance to Joe-six-pack in a big way.

I mean I’m sure there would be a legal way to fight this. Just like there’s a way to fight bad credit when you are the victim of identity theft (although in my opinion, fighting THAT is a huge pain in the ascii and made more difficult for the victim than it needs to be….)

Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:



It has come to our attention that your name and contact information is being passed around certain circles as part of a list of people who have fallen for scams and other con jobs in the past.

In order to ensure that you don’t fall for such similar scams in the future, please consider our patented “sucker-blocker” safety feature.

For only $99.99 per day, we’ll make sure that your name and information stays off this list.

Don’t be a sucker – pay up!

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