Parents Upset Over Mandatory Chipping Of Kids

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Yet another school has decided that a better way to keep track of children is to force them to wear RFID-enabled badges. They’re not the first school to do this, but this time it appears that many parents are upset about the lessons this is teaching their kids — suggesting that they can’t be trusted, and their every movement is going to be watched for the rest of their lives. Of course, maybe that is the lesson they should learn because, increasingly, that’s coming true. If it’s not going to be RFIDs, it’s going to be GPS enabled mobile phones or some other technology that knows where you are, all the time. Whether or not that’s good or bad is a different discussion, however. It’s what’s happening.

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Comments on “Parents Upset Over Mandatory Chipping Of Kids”

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sly squirrel says:


Maybe the parents and the school should look into using the “man overboard” mode only for privacy purposes, that is don’t use the info for anything other than making sure the student is in school grounds. that to me is a valid use for it, in this day and age. Better to know immediatly when the kid goes missing than to miss it for several minutes or hours. The tag could be used to track a snatched or truant kid to.

but tracking in school seems to be a bit much. BTW, Loral has a system to do just this on warships, that not only detects missing or “man overboard” sailors, but also has a system to detect intruders, or persons on board without such id and sound alarms if necessary.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

What a BS inflamatory headline Mike. “… chipping of kids…”. Two questions:

How many people sitting there reading this are wearing a badge that passed by a reader to unlock the door of the building in which you’re sitting?

If there was a hall monitor watching the kids pass through doorways, would you be more or less comfortable than an RFID reader on those exact same doorway?

Personally, I WANT the school to KNOW where my kid is, if they’ve left the building, etc.

Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Subject Given

What a BS inflamatory headline Mike. “… chipping of kids…”.

It’s accurate, isn’t it? It’s how the article itself describes it? The kids are being “chipped”…

Besides, did I express, anywhere, that this was a bad thing? No. I just pointed out what the complaint was, and left the rest open to discussion. If anything, I think I leaned towards the side saying it was okay to do. So, please, don’t go all kneejerk on me.

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