Kicking Out The Bandwidth Hogs

from the but,-being-honest-about-it dept

It’s not surprising to hear that an ISP is removing “bandwidth hogs” from their customer lists. Plenty of others have done so in the past. However, what’s different about Tiscali UK’s decision is that they’re finally being honest about it — unlike other providers. That is, they no longer say the service is “unlimited” and are not using a “fuzzy cap” where you have no idea if you’re at risk until they kick you off. Instead, Tiscali is now telling users there’s a 30 gig per month cap, though they make it clear that most users won’t notice a thing. Of course, you have to wonder if this makes sense in the long term. The way broadband providers are going to grow is to provide compelling reasons for people to use broadband — which some find lacking. It’s kind of giving a mixed message to say “come sign up for broadband because you’ll find it useful… unless you find it too useful, and then you’ll have to go away.”

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