MPAA Gets Quick Win Against BitTorrent Site

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

The MPAA started going after BitTorrent sites recently, and many of them quickly shut down. One of them, LokiTorrent decided to fight back… and apparently that didn’t work so well. A judge very quickly handed over LokiTorrent’s logs to the MPAA, and from the sound of it, gave them control over the website, which now has a gloating message from the MPAA who seem to want to track down each and every person who used LokiTorrent and mock them publicly (while shaking out their wallets as well). It still seems odd that people want to use BitTorrent for file sharing unauthorized files since it’s pretty easy to figure out who you are. Either way, isn’t it nice to see how the MPAA tries to “work” with the biggest fans of their content to come up with reasonable offerings that satisfy online users’ desire for content? Oh that’s right, there is no easy way to get this content — but you can get sued. That’s really a great way to grow a business.

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