$108 Million For Anti-Spyware Company?

from the say-what?!? dept

Two different VC firms approached us last year about helping with some due diligence on the whole anti-spyware space, so it wasn’t hard to figure out that some investments were on the way. While some of the early efforts at anti-spyware were from one-man shops or very small software development houses, it seemed likely that the space would heat up a bit, especially after Microsoft went out and bought Giant software. However, to think that any VC firms would spend $108 million on a single investment round in an anti-spyware company completely boggles the mind. It’s nearly impossible to figure out how an anti-spyware firm could possibly need $108 million at this stage of the game. It’s pretty clear the VCs in question are betting that Webroot is on its way to becoming the next Symantec, but, of course, there’s already a Symantec in the way and a Microsoft in the way. There must be more to this story, or we’re witnessing yet another bubble forming.

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