One Way To Deal With Mobile Phones In The Audience: Call Them

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We’ve all seen the stories of actors on stage who get annoyed (or even stop a play) when someone’s mobile phone rings in the audience. While most public performances try to give warnings before the shows start, it looks like one new musical has taken a very different approach to dealing with ringing mobile phones: they’re part of the show. The musical, called Cellphone actually involves cast members calling audience members during the show. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that they try to work in random calls into the show, which would be much more interesting (and challenging). Also, there’s no word on whether or not the show is actually any good, but it still is interesting to see how someone can take something that most people consider to be a nuisance and turn it into something more creative.

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Comments on “One Way To Deal With Mobile Phones In The Audience: Call Them”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

This is an intriguing idea?

The problem with cell phones in a public performance is that some dork always seems to forget that his phone is on? even when there is an announcement before hand to turn them off (watch when one goes off, a few people will remember – only then – to turn their phone off too). Don?t ask me how this happens? I have done it my self, I am ashamed to say.

Every other solution has proven to be problematic?

Jamming is illegal.

Turing the structure in to a huge Faraday cage is impractical?

Frisking symphony patrons and checking their phones with the usher is? out of the question?

But would it be possible to make every phone in the hall ring before the performance? there by reminding every patron with a phone that he/she/it is carrying the phone, that it is still turned on, and needs to be switched to vibrate at the very least.

steve (user link) says:

calling mobiles during show

I am a stand up comedian. A few years ago during a show a mobile phone rang and the person left the room to take the call.

I asked if anyone knew the phone number for the person, someone did and I punched it into my phone onstage.

When the person came back I didn’t say anything, waited about 5 mins and then hit “send”. The phone rang, the person left the room.

I said “do you know how rude it is to have your mobile phone on during a comedian’s performance?” after a couple of seconds of being puzzled the person heard the roars or laughter from teh audience and slunk back into the room.

I now try to get a phone number and do it again. When it works (about 50% success rate) it is hilarious.

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