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Burn Him! Burn Him! People Hate Malicious Hackers

from the such-anger! dept

Probably not a huge surprise, but as various malicious hackers have been getting locked up for very long sentences, a few people are wondering if they really deserve such punishment. However, it appears the public is very much behind making these guys suffer to no end. The problem is that many people are impacted by viruses and malware, and thus are quite angry about it. But, does it really make sense to lock up someone who simply modified a virus someone else wrote for a period of time longer than a violent criminal? Perhaps it does work as a deterrent, but it certainly doesn’t seem like there’s been any drop off in malicious hacking attacks since these long sentences began.

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Comments on “Burn Him! Burn Him! People Hate Malicious Hackers”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: One more time.....

Er… hence “malicious hackers” rather than just hackers.

As we’ve said (repeatedly, repeatedly, repeatedly), the term “cracker” still isn’t understood widely vs. hacker. So we use “malicious hacker” and it’s pretty self explanatory, even if it does seem to piss of the 3 of you who insist you’ve become the language gods.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Think of the economic harm...

Yes and putting the criminal in jail benefits the people who were harmed by returning the lost funds to their bank accounts?

Not likely.

In fact, locking up the criminal in no way benefits the people who were harmed.

In fact, locking up no violent criminals is? well? stupid in the extreme.

It would be far better to make the punishment fit the crime don?t you think? To make the punishment, I don?t know? BENEFIT someone?

This country has go to get over our obsession with locking people up for no good reason. We currently imprison more people than China? CHINA? you know, the country known for great food and horrible human rights violations?

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