Video Game Mashups?

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The idea of music or video “mashups” are becoming more popular — where someone takes different songs and mixes them together to create a new song. While it has upset some lawyers, it’s a fascinating area of artistic expression. Of course, why does it need to stay in the music realm? Salon is running an amusing satirical piece, with a fake interview with the creator of a a videogame mashup between Myst and Grand Theft Auto — perhaps the two most diametrically opposed video games out there. Of course, since both games had tremendous popularity, it’s likely the subset of users who have played both is fairly high. Just think of the other possibilities this could lead to. The interview ends by noting that “the pimps may be distracting,” in the next “updated” version of Tetris.

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Comments on “Video Game Mashups?”

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1 Comment
Paul says:

What about other mashups...

What happens if someone decides to do a mashup of multiple books or magazines? How about interviews with people? The results might me interesting (and amusing), but how does that previously-protected material now get treated when it is part of a new work that looks like it might be the original, but has been modified and may not present the “information” in an accurate way. Points to ponder….

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