Changing Definition Of Super 3G?

We were initially confused by the announcement of plans for a new wireless standard called “Super 3G”, but as the details came out, it became clear that it was part mis-direction over competing technologies and a failure live up to expectations and part political jockeying to help set the 4G standard. However, it appears some analysts are still quite confused. A new report seems to think that Super 3G is simply HSDPA, something that it clearly is not. While we wondered if the two were related when the first announcement came out, it became clear very quickly that this is something different entirely. It makes you wonder who is paying this analyst firm for their analysis when they confuse two technologies that are clearly different. At the same time, the report seems to claim that HSDPA is “critical” to the success of mobile video — which seems to be overstating the case. Sure, more bandwidth and more efficient use of bandwidth will help, but what’s “critical” is figuring out what users actually want.

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