No Sense Of Urgency From Retailers On RFID

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It looks like many retailers aren’t heeding Wal-Mart’s call to join the RFID revolution. While Wal-Mart has been trying to lead the way, vendors have been kicking, screaming and dragging their heals. Wal-Mart had hoped vendors would be all set with RFID by now, but it hasn’t turned out that way. The company also told other retailers: “Test it. Don’t wait. Don’t be last,” to which other retailers appear to have responded, “No, that’s fine. We’ll be last.” Other retailers are pointing to the troubles Wal-Mart has had with RFID, the fact that they’re still pretty pricey and don’t work as well as everyone had hoped, and they figure it’s perfectly fine to let Wal-Mart be first to market. Once the technology has been broken in a bit, they’ll become “fast followers,” even if it means being “last.”

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Comments on “No Sense Of Urgency From Retailers On RFID”

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Steve Proper says:


Walmart is making a big mistake at that. Even at 1/2 the current discounted price 25 cents, it’s still too much to spend on labeling consumer disposables. Not to mention the waste and by products from manufacturing these in volume…

It might make sense if your trying to create a cashier free store… Sounds like a walmart thing.

Personally, I’d use them as anti-theft device and for monitoring pallets.

I think a better disposable technology will come along. Walmart jumped the gun. Progressive IT people, not always realistic.

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