Virginia Gov't Admits Traffic Cameras Increase Accidents

from the whooops dept

Bob Dole writes “Although less than 4 percent of traffic accidents are caused by red light running, cities and the insurance industry insist there is an urgent need for automated camera enforcement for safety purposes. Yet according to a a new study by the Virginia Transportation Research Council, Virginia experienced a “definite” increase in overall injury accidents where cameras were used. In the county with the most accurate data, that increase was between 7 and 24 percent. The report suggests there is a “possible” decrease in angle accidents. So camera boosters are now relegated to claiming cameras merely rearrange accidents, trading one type of crash for another. There’s no escaping the bottom line, however. With cameras you get more injuries, not more safety. The report offers good news for Virginia motorists: you can ignore tickets mailed to your home. They aren’t valid unless personally served.” We wrote about some other studies concerning red light cameras recently as well.

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Comments on “Virginia Gov't Admits Traffic Cameras Increase Accidents”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

The bit about ignoring the tickets in the mail, that is partially true. I am not famaliar with Virginia exactly, but federally and in at least a few states, the defendant can choose to waive the service requirement and accept the notice via mail. Why would they do that? Because if they do not waive the service requirement, then they have to pay the costs of service.

slim says:

No Subject Given

Traffic cameras will become a thing of the past the first time some enterprising individual thinks about the HUGE PAYDAY he will make when rear-ended at one of these.

1) Hire shyster
2) Argue that if the camera wasn’t there, the accident wouldn’t have happened
3) Point to the state’s own statistics showing rear-end accidents went UP after the camera was installed
4) Explain to a jury that doesn’t like the damn things how the state KNEW accidents would go up, but didn’t take the camera’s out.
5) Give the attorney 30% of the $50 million verdict.
6) Move to Monaco
7) Get three blonde girlfriends.
8) Party like it’s 1999.

Game over baby.

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