Sony Realizes The PSP Should Be The New Walkman

from the but-then-what... dept

While Sony’s new attempt at an MP3 Walkman has been a pretty obvious failure, it appears that a lightbulb has gone off with someone at the company — recognizing that their new portable gaming platform, the PSP could be “the new walkman.” It certainly fits with the idea that video games are the new radio as a way of promoting songs. So, now, it appears Sony’s plan is to build a music download store specifically for the PSP, suggesting that you won’t need an iPod at all, since the PSP is also a gaming machine. Of course, it sounds like Sony might not have really learned the lessons they claimed to have learned recently. From the article here, it sounds like the service is being designed to only work with the PSP. That is, it’s not really a general downloadable music store, but a music store where all your music remains on that particular device. That’s not going to set the world on fire any time soon.

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