Web Hosting Company Provides Auto BitTorrent Directory

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While BitTorrent is a very useful method of distributing large files without killing your own bandwidth, it still isn’t easy for your average non-techie to set up and host a torrent file. That may be changing. According to Slashdot, popular Bay Area web hosting company Hurricane Electric has just added a feature to help customers easily host torrent files. By turning on the capability in their admin page, HE customers can just upload files they want to share into a specific directory, and HE will do the rest. What will be interesting, is if other ISPs do the same. Of course, certain folks who think all online sharing is “bad” may freak out, but that’s silly. It’s going to be ridiculously obvious if someone uploads files they don’t have authority to distribute. It’s going to be right in their directory, after all. However, if other web hosting firms offer similar capabilities, it could help make it easier for anyone to host any kind of large files (home videos, “podcasts”) without having to worry too much about bandwidth.

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