AOL Kills Usenet Access

from the the-september-that-never-ended-has-ended? dept

According to Brian McWilliams, AOL has decided to stop offering Usenet access from within the AOL software. Obviously, users can still get access via Google Groups over the web, but for many it’s not quite the same. Of course, what some may find amusing about all of this is that many Usenet veterans recall the September that never ended, when AOL first offered Usenet access and (according to many) killed off the usefulness of Usenet permanently. So, does this mean that the September that never ended has ended?

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Comments on “AOL Kills Usenet Access”

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Brian (user link) says:

The death of Usenet

Personally, I mourn the decline of Usenet, which was an invaluable tool for me back in my early online days. I quit using Usenet ages ago simply because my favorite groups were overrun with spam.

I would suspect that more ISPs will drop Usenet, particularly in light of legal challenges claiming that, by hosting newsgroups that include pedophile groups, they are in effect distributing child pornography. It’s easier and cheaper to pull the plug on a service that few of their customers even know exist than to fight court battles.

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