Verizon Sued Over Aggresive Email Blockage

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Verizon has been getting a lot of negative publicity over their decision to block a large percentage of foreign email for American customers. While their response so far has been to tell people to go “make a phone call” if they can’t contact loved ones, colleagues or friends outside of the US, it appears that some people feel the matter is a little more serious. They’re working on putting together a class action lawsuit against Verizon, suggesting that they were misled when told that the company was offering them email access — which tends to come without strings. This, of course, is a problem that’s been discussed plenty of times before. Filtering spam is tricky, and many users do want spam filters — but there should be some element of user choice and user control over how those spam filters work. Simply blocking out huge sections of the emailing world seems beyond extreme to the point of actively driving away a number of customers.

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Comments on “Verizon Sued Over Aggresive Email Blockage”

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M Mack says:

Verizon Wireless and the new V3M

I cannot get My motorola V3M phone to be recognized as a V3M on my computer. It recognizes it as a V3C. With that being said you cannot sync your own music on your phone as is stated in the advertisements from Verion Wireless. The problem is that there are no drivers for the phone. when going to the verizon wireless store they say that the phone is showing on their computer as a V3M. But every other computer I hook my phone to It is showing as a V3C. Smith Micro witch is the company that makes the software says they have nothing to do with the problem. The Verizon Wireless Data Center Said that it was a Microsoft problem. They gave me a formula to change the registry on my PC in order for the phone to show as a V3M. I should not have to change my registry at all for the phone to show as a V3M. I have a Dell Mp3 Player and its recognized as a Dell DJ, Even without drivers. I have a host of digital equipment that is recognized when plugged in with a USB cable. Two of my associates have also purchased the phone and the same problem exists with their phone. On doing research I was told that verizon wireless removed the feature with a flash so as we the consumer cannot download our own music and files to the hard drive of the phone. The motive for this is to force everyone to purchase music from the V-Cast store or from Get it Now. I strongly believe this to be false advertisement. Motorola says that the phone comes to Verizon Wirless ready to be used as advertised but Verizon Wireless REMOVES the feature prior to sending them to us the consumer. Last but not least I also hear that a class action lawsuit has been filed against Verizon Wireless in reference to this matter. Until Verizon Wirless Changes and correct this mess I will not suggest any one to purchase a V3M Motorola Phone.

Mayonn says:

Re: Verizon Wireless and the new V3M

I have been running into the same scenario. Verizon made me run this deleting flash element, but I still had to keep running this everytime I uploaded my own music…but it does work—eventually. Its by Motorola and is called “Sync_Music_Fix”. But I have been searching for some Mobile to PC software to run the entire entity of music, wallpapers, and maintenance integrated with the Motorola V3M. Email me at ( if you find more information regarding these issues.


And they fire my girl Sophia from the business department saying she took to much FMLA, when she just had a baby and cancer cells remove that’s a bunch of crap. How the hell a director fire a director. But like they say where there is smoke there is fire. I believe one day all those rumors and stuff going on in the business department will come to light and VZW will clean house. I think the entire call center needs to be cleaned out and refill from director down to reps.

jean says:

You have to get one thing straight. Verizon Wireless and Verizon are different environments. VZW is not even wholly owned by VZ. VZW is partnership between VZ and Vodafone with VZ holding a controlling share. VZ is very flexible and dynamic and is structured to reward performance very well. They do not reward you based on who favors you. The entire Handover call center promote you base on who ass you kiss or who you sleep with. That goes from rep-to director to assistant directors. The AD are so full of shit they dog the director all day then fake smile when they see her. They gossip about all her court records business all day long. They go online to their phone and pull up the information and gossip while we at work that’s why our numbers are so low. One AD even went as far as going to court and pulling the case to read about it. At one time VZW were an excellent company to work for (that is when they were smaller). Once upon a time the employees were actually treated as individuals and their ideas were valued and respected. Now all you are to them is a warm body and a number. They want the CSR’s to give quality service but they don’t want them to take the time needed to resolve the issues. The mentality is getting the customer off of the phone as quickly as possible. Stay away from the company politics and stay away from the employees that get involved in the company politics because that can turn around a bite you later. Keep onto of the performance metrics and exceed their expectations or else you could find yourself in the unemployment line and they don’t like to allow you to collect the unemployment benefits coming to you. In my case, I was “thrown” under the bus one too many times plus went up against my manager through the proper channels…well, it backfired…I got “fired” for the most ridiculous reason in the world…however, they didn’t fight my unemployment because they knew that they were wrong!!!!! Yes the manager and the director were girlfriends. Where I worked was no fun anyways!!!!! They put 2.8 million $$$$ into the call center and it was a waste!!!!! Unfortunately, I made good money as a CSR!!!!!!! Some people in HR are kind of useless. And yes, that’s a broad statement, but anyone who has ever dealt with HR knows that. On the same token. Please whatever you do never get a job at VZW.

Tee says:


I started with vzw hsv call center the past few weeks, and in the past few weeks my personality, as well as my health have been transformed by the toxic environment that I subject myself to for the sake of benefits and a salary that I thought was huge… As soon as I come onto the parking lot I feel my defenses going up. I have never come into contact with such vicious, power hungry, and micro critical people in my life. The brainwashing, and the psyching out is ridiculous. I have met a few people that when I look in their eyes I can see that there is some compassion there and that they are going through a similar struggle. I could write a book about this place and the evil that I see from people who talk about church but I see no church in their actions…All I will say is that this place is a nightmare and a company should not pit its employees against each other like this… Pay, simply put, is very good for what we do. Respect is non existent. It went out the door a few years ago. You are respected if you are a “YES” person. Just say yes and shut-up and you will do well. Question even the littlest thing, even in a positive way, and you are labled a complainer. Benefits are still some of the best around. Matching 401k, great medical (costs go up for every company), bonuses even in today’s economy. Job Security is also now non existent. I used to feel safe but not any longer. The company is struggling to understand why it is they are losing customers and while some of the blame can be put on poor performing employees (every company has them) you can not put all the blame on your employees. Management at this point has basically removed themselves from any responsibility for the company’s higher churn numbers/lower revenue. They will not even slightly consider that some of their decisions were bad ones and continue to let the number crunchers dictate policy. We will continue to lose customers and I fully expect that our quarterly announcements will continue to show negative results. The company is pushing self serve options not because of the benefit to the customer but because it wants to reduce headcount in it’s call centers. When we should be increasing headcount for online phone representatives due to increased volume, they instead take their offline teams and put them on the phones taking them away from the work they need to do. The offline teams are then told they will be audited for two jobs now, not one, yet there is no increase in pay and you have double the chances for failure. I was told and have heard others being told by management that “if you do not like it then you can leave”. Work/Life balance has never really been a problem. I can work my shift and go home. I can do overtime if I wish but it has never been mandatory. Career Potential/Growth only if you know the right person. Positions are already filled before you apply because management already knows who they want. They have to do the interviews (legally) and then based on their star process they just say you did not answer a question the way they liked so you did not get the job, The interview process is designed to make it extremely easy for favoritism to run rampant and it does. Location could not be any better so no complaints there. Co-worker competence is strong with most of the people I work with. There are the exceptions to the rule and there are employees who take full advantage of the company whenever they can. They care not about the fact that they are also taking advantage of their friends in the process. I do not mind hearing anyone discuss the shortcomings of the company in a constructive/positive/politically correct manner if they are hardworking customer focused employees. But the employees who take advantage of the company and their co-workers should remain silent because they do not truly care about anything but themselves. Work Environment is as bad as it can get. Morale is gone. Not low, gone. Loyalty gone. Trust in management gone. Respect for employees gone. True focus on the customer gone. At one point, and this is no joke, there was an ambulance at the building weekly removing an employee. Weekly! I have tried to be as honest as I can with my answers. I feel the company is in trouble. Management does not know how to handle it and the employees are paying the price. I have a job, get a bonus, get a raise, get medical, and a matching 401k. In today’s work environment I would be considered the lucky one. Is the grass greener on the other side? I have not yet decided if I want to find out. That is subject to change.

Tee says:

The Handover location is such an unprofessional environment. The pay is good and benefits are awesome but the environment is like ur working in a high-school. They recently started cleaning up management, and a few got fired. The new director she is awfull and rude so far, but the lady in charge of HR is horrible. I thought they fired her because she has not been seen for some time, but I just saw her again. She is so unprofessional, rude, and sarcastic. She seems to be good buds with the worst people in this place. We complain about our AD and nothing happens. Then u see the two of them laughing it up all the time.I started working at VZW and I actually liked the job. I enjoyed going in every day and I was an excellent rep. I had very good stats, and was quickly promoted to Tech support (Universal). I continued to excel and have very good stats in this department and decided to move up yet again, this time to the BSC. I interviewed, and was offered the position. This all happened within a year and a half. I quickly discovered that BSC was not the place that I wanted to work. Right out of training class, I had a panic attack and was out on short term for a month. I went back to work for a few months, and the same thing happened again. This was due to the lack of support from team and from supervisors. I was not sitting near any of my team, and if I had a question, I was on my own. When it came time for my yearly performance evaluation, I met with my supervisor in a meeting room, where he rudely tossed my evaluation onto a table and said “Here ya go. It is what it is, and nothing will change it so…there ya go.” Since this was a yearly evaluation, it took into consideration the entire year, half of which I was working in a different department, where the objectives were different. I had been performing on my 6 month evaluation, and according to my stats from the second half, I had been performing also. But because I had changed departments, the supervisor had used the objectives from the new department to come up with my evaluation, which ended up being poor. This effected my bonus, and my yearly raise. I confronted him about this, explained the situation. He rolled his eyes and said it did not matter. I went to human resources, nobody seemed to care in there, either. Eventually, I was changed to a different supervisor. He was worse than the first one. He ignored my emails, ignored my requests for assistance, and I felt as though he treated me differently because: A- I am a woman and B-because I had FMLA. I felt as though I was being singled out when I would have a bad month, being called out in team meetings about my stats. I started having panic attacks more often, and began getting nosebleeds daily due to stress and anxiety. It became so bad that one day, as I was walking out of the building after a particularly bad meeting with my supervisor, where he was wearing no shoes or socks(super professional), I said to my co-worker “I will NEVER step foot in this building again.” And I didn’t. I collected my shit bonus, went on a nice, relaxing vacation, and found myself a new job. Pay… is great, it should be better for what these ass HOLES put you through. Respect…. you got to be kidding, what is that. Benefits… are good also, they have to be, never been so freaking STRESS OUT before in my whole life. Job Security…. what the fuck is that work/life balance… give me a break, women with children, well don’t have any working for these ass holes I AM NOT GOING TO FINISH THIS,CAUSE IT’S ALL BULL SHIT. THIS CALL CENTER IS THE WORST. THEY NEED TO CLOSE THIS BUILDING AND START ALL OVER. THE PEOPLE THAT ARE RUNNING THIS PLACE IS A FUCKING JOKE. IF YOU AREN’T GAY FOR GET IT. YOU HAVE TO SUCK UP OR SHUT UP. SOMEONE NEED TO CALL CHANNEL 7 NEWS SO THEY CAN PUT THIS SHIT ON TV. IT IS SO SAD HOW THEY TREAT THERE EMPLOYEES

Tim says:

From hanover md ?
Pay… is great, it should be better for what these ass HOLES put you through.
Respect…. you got to be kidding, what is that.
Benefits… are good also, they have to be, never been so freaking STRESS OUT before in my whole life
Job Security…. what the fuck is that
work/life balance… give me a break, women with children, well don’t have any working for these ass holes

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