Fake Viagara Online Pharmicist Jailed

from the uh,-yeah,-sure-it's-legit... dept

It makes you wonder who actually trusted this site enough to give him money, but some guy who apparently was making counterfeit drugs in Mexico, shipping them over the border, and selling them online, has been sentenced to over four years in prison. Part of the scam was that you needed a doctor’s review (for a small fee) of course, in order to get the drugs. Of course, there was no actual doctor, but that didn’t stop the not-actual-pharmacy from shipping out the not-actual-drugs for very real money.

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Comments on “Fake Viagara Online Pharmicist Jailed”

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libertarian (user link) says:

Fake Viagra

Caveat Emptor.
So let me guess, if he was selling real Viagra w/o an Rx, he wouldn;t have been busted?
I cannot stand the paternalistic approach this country has to what a person chooses to put into their body. If you are willing to take the risk and pay the money to get drugs online (fake or not) then so be it.
These online shops provide a service. There are people who simply want to avoid the cost of the doctor. Given the proliferation of medical information online, at libraries, and other outlets, medical doctors are becoming more marginalized in the treatment of common diseases.
If you are a chronic asthmatic and you have been successfully using your medication for years, does it really make sense to keep paying a doctor to tell you what you already know just to keep getting Rx’s for drugs you already know how to use? Not really.
It is your body, your life, and your money. The federal government has no compelling interest in protecting you from your own choices.

Beck says:

Re: Fake Viagra

Sure, and while you’re liberating the prescription drug industry why don’t you free people from the tyranny of government meat inspection too? It’s your body, your life, your money, why can’t you make your own choices in determining whether your meat is clean, disease-free, and properly labeled. Caveat Emptor.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Fake Viagra

Meat inspection, as with getting Rx’s is a necessity but shouldn’t stop alternatives. If I want to go to the local farmer and get a slice of his recently killed, untested cow, there shouldn’t be anything to stop me except for possibly some warning. the problem comes up when people start abusing the freedom and falsely claim they adhere to a standard or are giving you the same ‘service’ as a doctor etc. people are generally stupid and don?t know what they are getting into which is why the government feels the need to control.

Rancid Roadkill says:

Re: Fake Viagra

I totally agree with libertarian…when I started reading about this man’s “crimes”, I was amazed to find out that the active ingredient in his “Viagra” was the same as the real thing….besides, isn’t the real “drug” in sexual enhancement psychological?
Another thing…..if I am willing to live with the potential side effects of Vioxx, then why should Big Brother stick his nose in my business? Why isn’t that my choice?
Connection between the two? The United States Government. Going to save me from myself in spite of myself.

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