Watching Commercials With No Commercial Interruptions

from the phew dept

It’s been said many times before, but television execs still don’t seem to get it. Just as they’re simply assuming commercials are dead, we’re approaching the annual event that proves that good commercials are content that people will seek out: The Superbowl. If executives stopped thinking of commercials as advertisements and started thinking of them as content, they might not be freaking out so much. Take for example, the fact that the NFL Network is going to show all of the commercials from the Superbowl after it’s over — with no interruptions from some football game or from any other commercial interruptions. And, of course, it’s likely to be a hit (among those who can actually get it). Every year at the Superbowl, more and more people watch it just for the commercials, because those commercials are often more entertaining than the game. Websites that host those commercials after the game are often swamped as well. Yet, TV execs still insist that TV commercials are a dying breed?

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Comments on “Watching Commercials With No Commercial Interruptions”

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Tim (user link) says:

Time investment and attitude of mind

There was a phase in which I used to watch telly more for the adverts than anything else – maybe around 15yrs ago, now. Ever noticed that some adverts used to be so good that they’d appear in end-of-year `most memorable adverts’ programmes of their own? I suggest this is because they were approached as being humourous or works of art. What’s changed is the crassness of clone-marketing: anyone can produce an “advert”, and by the looks of things, they do. Slow down! Take the time and expend the effort to do it properly!

RJD says:

Super Bowl ?

I tune in for the commercials more so than the game. This is generally where most commercials get high marks. Commericials have become an art unto themselves. There’s something special about entertaining/educating people, gettting your message out, and having your product associated in that person’s mind in 30 seconds or less. AFLAC !!!

Things I don’t miss:
Bud Bowl, 1,2,3,4,etc
Half Time Music Show (more show than music)
The Buffalo Bills

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