Replacing Office Phones With Mobile Phones?

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While there have been plenty of stories about home users ditching landlines for mobile phones, and enough stories about offices switching to VoIP, here’s one of the first stories that suggests some employees prefer to use their mobile phones rather than their office landlines. While I do know a few people for whom this is true, no one had really mentioned it as a trend (in fact, the article linked here only mentions it in passing — rather than as the main point of the article). While many mobile phone plans include large buckets of minutes, using a mobile phone exclusively as an office phone could certainly end up costing quite a bit of airtime for users who are on the phone all day. If this really is true, then it could bode well for even those crippled efforts at making a combined VoIP-cellular phone that does VoIP in the office (and only in the office) and cellular elsewhere. Of course, it would limit the choices of what phones to buy — and since the new trend in selling to the enterprise is selling up through the consumer, it still may be a difficult sell. A lot of people buy their own mobile phones and have their employers reimburse, rather than taking a corporate-issued phone. Requiring a special phone would make that more difficult.

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Comments on “Replacing Office Phones With Mobile Phones?”

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Paul J says:


I have been doing just this thing for several years. It benefits both me and those business contacts who need to reach me.
For me it means that when I work from home I don’t have to call into a remote PBX and update a voicemail message saying I will be out of the office contact me at X number. Ditto if I am traveling. For contatcs it means they can reach me when they need to.

Luckily I don’t actually have to use a phone too much since email and IM accomplished most of my communication needs. Therefore business needs don’t really even impact my included minutes.

Chris (user link) says:

Re: Actually....

My experience is similar to Paul’s. It was made practical when I joined on as a pilot member to one of the local networks and received unlimited minutes for a relatively low flat fee – a plan which I continue to renew. And while a lower usage plan will probably still beat mine in price, I often forget that other people have to keep track of minutes which is a headache I enjoy not having.

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