Judge Puts Courtroom Videos Online

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While high publicity court cases often involve a judge barring cameras from the courtroom, it appears that some judges are going in the other direction. A judge in an Ohio court has set up his own personal video camera in the courtroom in order to place the videos of the proceedings online in the hopes of educating people. More and more courts are doing so, in a sort of bottom-up version of CourtTV. The information is all public record information, anyway, so no privacy rights are being violated, according to those who support the practice. If the judge can set up his own personal camera, though, what if someone who is just watching the case sets up their own camera? And, if that’s allowed, why is it that so many courts are banning camera phones?

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Comments on “Judge Puts Courtroom Videos Online”

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1 Comment
nonuser says:

there's clearly a difference

between a hearing that’s public in the sense that a few dozen people (including the press) can attend without taking photographs, and one that is broadcast across the Internet where it will likely be permanently archived in video format and accessible by advanced search engines of the future.
Imagine a divorce case for example.

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