Competition Heats Up For America's Space Prize

from the going-into-orbit dept

While a bunch of tech billionaires are competing to launch sub-orbital space tourist offerings, one billionaire has already moved past the X-Prize level of sub-orbital flight and is focused on going further. Soon after the X-Prize was won, we pointed out that there was a new competition called America’s Space Prize, to push private space flight into orbit (for real, this time). While it hasn’t received that much attention so far, at least one team is gunning for that prize. Elon Musk, one of the founders of PayPal (who had been mentioned as an early contestant for the X-Prize as well) has set his company on a path to shoot for this new prize before it’s 2010 deadline. For all the fear that people would forget about private space flight after the X-Prize was won, it looks like there’s still plenty of interest.

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