Panix Domain Hijacked

from the ouch dept

Panix, one of the oldest ISPs serving the New York City area, has apparently had its domain hijacked and anyone with a email address is out of luck, as all their mail goes to whoever hijacked the domain. So far, from the sound of things, the registrars involved have been anything but helpful in getting the situation resolved. Considering the seriousness of such a hijacking, you would think that registrars would have a process in place to handle such complaints.

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Comments on “Panix Domain Hijacked”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Help from registrars? no way.

The registrars make money from additional service fees that help to ‘protect’ your domain from potential hijacking. Didn’t pay your ‘protection’ money in addition to your domain registration fee? Too bad. That Panix got hijacked is only a boon to the registrars, and will make them more money the more they delay. The last thing they want to do is be helpful.

Pete Austin says:

Mistake, not hijack

“However, the word hijack might not have been a fair comment. The domain was registered by MelbourneIT ‘fair dinkum’ through a reseller… Panix might have been one of the more prominent outfits to fall foul of new rules relating to the transfer of domains which came into effect in November. Under these rules requests for transferring a domain are automatically approved in five days unless they are denied by the owner of the domain.”
The Inquirer

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