Tsunami Scammer Spammer Arrested

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A man who sent out spam requesting tsunami relief donations was arrested, and admitted that he planned to keep the money. It’s almost amusing to read the description: “he planned to use any money he got to repair his car and pay bills, according to court documents.” Written this way, it sounds like he just came right out and admitted his plan — making him a fairly honest scammer. You would think that most scammers caught in such a situation would immediately say they were going to donate the money, but hadn’t yet. The other odd thing about the article is the claim that they found the guy by “figuring out who copied the same images from the [charity he was pretending to be] group’s Web site.” How did they figure out who copied the images? My only guess is that he then was hosting these images himself, but otherwise, I don’t see how they could know who copied the images.

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