Google Follows Apple On The Mini Computer Kick

from the mini-is-the-new-black dept

Apparently, anything “mini” in the computing space is in. Just days after Apple announced the Mini Mac, Google is getting set to launch the Mini-Google-in-a-box. Google has offered a search appliance for a while, which gets good reviews, but clearly has not been a very large part of their business. However, this new box is targeted at companies with smaller budgets, and is a $5,000 appliance that will search a smaller corporate intranet. At $5,000, it seems like it could be very attractive to a lot of companies. The problem is that it’s still not clear that companies even realize Google is in this business or that they actually need such a thing.

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Comments on “Google Follows Apple On The Mini Computer Kick”

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slim says:

No Subject Given


Wow, what refreshing content you contribute to an adult discussion. I’d better uninstall all of my software because it might one day be hacked.

Google (for all its bells and whistles) is a page-ranking algorithm. It lists documents in order, essentially, by how many other pages link to those documents as a way of narrowing a search to something meaningful in a vast sea of unsorted documents of varying relevance.

Corporations generally don’t work that way. When I’m searching my corporate network, I’m usually looking for all the documents that contain specific words and phrases, and very few of our documents “link” to one another an any way that has much meaning for Google’s page-ranking algorithm.

Does installing Microsoft software come with the possibility that someone might write a virus or attempt to exploit it in some way? Certainly. Does installing Linux come with the possibility that someone might write a virus or attempt to exploit it in some way? Certainly.

Geez, I may as well go bury my head in the sand and ditch my cell phone.

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