The Computer On Your Wrist?

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In the past, I’ve thought that the wrist watch was the perfect form factor for a personal computer — since it’s always on you, easily accessible, and doesn’t seem to get in the way of much. Of course, the obvious problem is that the form factor isn’t particularly conducive to lots of data input or output. In fact, most efforts to increase the smarts on your watch have ended pretty badly. While, personally, I’m a big fan of my Xonix mp3 playing watch, it seems that most people are pretty happy to keep their watches on the dumb side. Still, that doesn’t stop companies from trying. While Apple is getting all the publicity today for their mini Mac, a Korean group is working on a fully functional wrist watch computer. Very few details are given — so, given the lack of any real success elsewhere, we’re going to have to assume that this one is heading down the same path.

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Comments on “The Computer On Your Wrist?”

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Steve Mueller (user link) says:

Perfect Form Factor

So the watch is the perfect form factor for a PC — except you can’t really see or enter much data. That sounds far from perfect. Also, not everybody wears a watch (which I don’t get, but that’s another issue).

A watch may be a good form factor for the CPU part of a computer, assuming you could pack enough memory and storage in there, but that’s about it.

Regarding the Xonix MP3 watch, I thought about getting one, but figured it wouldn’t be very practical. Having the headset cord run from my ear to my wrist would seem rather limiting, either keeping me from using my hands in certain ways, requiring me to remove the headset or having a very long cord that had plenty to opportunities to get tangled. That’s probably why Woot called it a “chronically overstocked white elephant”.

However, I bet a watch that had a Bluetooth transmitter and a Bluetooth stereo headset would be a big seller.

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