Overlays Just As Annoying As Pop-Ups

from the they-just-don't-get-it dept

It’s amazing how much effort some marketers seem to go through to specifically not get it. Intrusive advertising is bad. If you get in the way of what people are trying to do, they’re not going to like you’re product, they’re going to hate you — and that tends to be bad for business. While some advertisers got rid of pop-ups, they did so mainly because popup blockers were becoming increasingly effective. So, rather than understand that intrusive advertising was a bad thing, they came up with the next type of intrusive advertising — that wasn’t as easy to block as popups: the overlay. The advertisement comes on and blocks the content that people are trying to read. It will surprise almost none of you, of course, that such ads are just as hated as popups. I would imagine some dislike them even more, as they’re not even as easy to get rid of as popups. Advertises and marketers need to take a step back and realize that the age of intrusive advertising doesn’t make sense any more. The captive audience is harder to find because people have other options — and pissing them off guarantees that they’ll go find those other options.

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Comments on “Overlays Just As Annoying As Pop-Ups”

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Doug says:

Firefox handles these better

The ability to control javascript types and as already mentioned, the Nuke anything extension make Firefox just one more reason to ditch your other browser.

The overlays suck and to affirm your statement – I will not ever buy a product from an advertiser I cant stand. Just ask Chase – I got rid of their credit cards and re-financed my home with another lender to get away from them and their incessant email spam and popups all over their website.

Chase – goodbye and good riddance…

Glenn says:

But.... they work

I hate pop-ups as much as the next guy. When my employer was developing an online advertising campaign, and a plan of using overlay/pop-ups was introduced, I was initially against it because of my personal annoyance with the technology.

But the data we have suggests that these methods are the most effective way to get immediate and trackable results. So until these advertisment vehicles are bettered by a less intrusive technology/vehicle, my guess is they will continue to be used.

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