Exhibiting The House Of The Future From The Past

from the got-that? dept

Now that we’re in predictions season, everyone knows that people will be able to look back and laugh at many of the “long term” predictions that people make, but sometimes people like to go back and commemorate the missed predictions. Apparently, MIT is looking to set up an exhibit in a few years looking at the house of the future that they helped design in 1957. The finished prototype was eventually displayed at Disneyland for a decade, where it was supposed to represent a house in 1987. Of course, most houses in 1987 look fairly similar to houses from 1957, but it still must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Either way, there is something amusing about setting up a “historical” exhibit looking at a “house of the future” when that future, which never actually made it, was supposed to occur years ago.

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